Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mini Wakatobi 963: Be Designed for Students

Mini Wakatobi 963: Be Designed for StudentsWakatobi original Mini was 963 made in Indonesia. What makes Zyrexindo Mandiri Buana PT. Although made in Indonesia, Addons Notebook is not less powerful as outer product. Let's see the processors, which use Intel ® Atom ™ N270 with 512 KB cache memory Addons like other products made in Japan or US.

Not only sophisticated, this netbook is small and lightweight. Screen only 8.9 inches. Not the weight to 1.5 pounds. This must be fitted or entered carry on with my bag as your books.

He said, there's notbook the Wi-Fi was designed for this purpose among students. Writable screen like paper. Trus-computers can also diputer. So we do not need to use the same notebooks pens if we wanna get a note for the lesson.

Why, the screen can be dropped from-scratch? Yes, it Addons LCD Touchscreen can be operated with Addons finger or stylus pen . Computers are like this is called a tablet. Not a pait drug tablets that: p. ..

This netbook actually also said impact resistant, Addons keyboard his waterproof and the screen hinge is strong. So ggak need to fear, if you guys wanna see the musical or film photos naked in this netbook.

Create the photos, this netbook can also. You've no Addons webcam it. So guys, you're a narcissist can instantly snap here snap there own face, trus ditampilin in Facebook Blog or Twitter deh. Addons Webcam can also be used for chat Addons . So try not complete what ?!?!?

Kalo again glancing lirak netbook for school support, Wakatobi can make it a long the way. Mini 963. "Love-ploduk Addons lual negeli Indonesian product," said him : p

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